North Charlotte Linux Users Group

Statement of Purpose

We are an organization that provides support and education for Linux users, particularly for inexperienced users.

Location and Time

Location: The Hurt Hub in Davidson
Address: 210 Delburg St, Davidson, NC 28036
Date: Every third Wednesday of the month
Time: 6:30pm


02/19/2020 - Event: This LUG Needs a Website

NoCharLUG has been going strong for several months now. It's time that we signal our legitimacy to the public with an official website! This month's talk will feature two Quoin developers configuring a basic website live, from scratch! Along the way, our speakers will:
- spin up a Digital Ocean droplet
- install and configure the NGINX web server on Debian 10.2
- secure the server with TLS
- deploy a website into the new production environment
Our LUG is growing up. Come witness the birth of greatness!

01/15/2020 - Event: Hands on Quantum

A brief over view on how quantum computing works along with examples how to write and run quantum software.

11/20/2019 - Event: Lightning Talks

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About Us

NoCharLug was founded by Michael Ciociola, Eli Taft, and James Richardson in July of 2019.

The NoCharLUG is a Linux User Group meeting in North Charlotte, NC. The "NoCharLUG" abbreviation officially expands to "North Charlotte Linux User Group," although alternative expansions exist that are far more humorous / devious.

We are a group of Linux enthusiasts from all over the Charlotte area that meet monthly to learn, share, and promote Linux. Membership is free and open to everyone, and there is no minimum level of expertise required. Most of our meetings consist of a presentation time and a hacking time. Anyone can propose a topic to be considered at one of our meetings. We are open to letting anybody present on a topic as long as it is related to Linux and free (libre) software, and as long as it is not a sales pitch for products or services. Bring your laptop!